Our history

Come! Let’s explore the antique but stunning world of machines. The resemblance between the least known machines in our amusing collection and the modern-day ones is bound to enthrall you!

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Exhibition 1

This state-of-the-art typewriting machine showcases one of the most antique writing mechanisms

Exhibition 2

This 20th century classic car reveals its gorgeous features explaining why it was a luxury in those days.

Exhibition 3

This superstructure four-wheel design explains why it was preferred off-the-road.

Exhibition 4

This Coco Cola vintage model has its own charisma and usage.

Exhibition 5

Find out for yourself what makes this antique sewing machine so special.

Exhibition 6

Explore this vintage typewriter to know how uniquely it outputs what you want.

Exhibition 7

Look into this mechanical model of a factory to know how it used to give the desired output.

Exhibition 8

Get inside this vintage studio to know how a time machine is being prepared.