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Come! Let’s explore the antique but stunning world of machines. The resemblance between the least known machines in our amusing collection and the modern-day ones is bound to enthrall you!

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Exhibition 1

This state-of-the-art typewriting machine showcases one of the most antique writing mechanisms

Exhibition 2

This 20th century classic car reveals its gorgeous features explaining why it was a luxury in those days.

Exhibition 3

This superstructure four-wheel design explains why it was preferred off-the-road.

Exhibition 4

This Coco Cola vintage model has its own charisma and usage.


The Pipe Line

Ready to get back to the 1800s? Join our next event (TBA) soon that will take you on a tour of the erstwhile Pipe factory, now an unusual collection of home interiors. It shall feature the fusion of reclaimed engineering machinery and artistic models.

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The Ancestral Engineering Tour

Get ready to explore the secrets of engineering when it was booming in its initial days. These secrets are perhaps the ancestors of the modern engineering revolution. So, are you ready to dig the secrets with us?

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Featured Collection


Our wide collection depicting royal to local antiqueness encompasses different varieties right from sewing machines to train engines. Halt at each exhibit to know their specialty, which is rarely found now modern counterparts.

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Artistic Typewriters

Typewriters need no introduction. However, the original ones are worth of your attention for narrating their lost saga of creating amazing arts. Our vintage collection speaks for itself!

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Diverse Collection

Right from antique to post vintage, our collection showcases both fixed and moving mechanical models. While a few have applied uses, others are simply fanciful.

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Take a virtual tour of what mysteries and secrets we have for you through our comprehensive and diverse mechanical collection on display. The photos are snapshots of lost memories and forgotten wonders of the traditional world.

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